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Examples Raft Writing Assignment

Product Type Project. It is student directed differentiation at its best, and yet can be held to a rigorous evaluation standard. 4.) Upload your writing piece to the classroom website on the page titled RAFT. Brainstorm additional topic ideas, and write down the suggestions listing roles, audiences,. Writing. Raft writing assignment examples. These key ingredients are included in every RAFT writing assignment: Role of a writer: Sinbad Summary Islam You must decide who (or what) you will be Aug 03, 2015 · RAFT assignments can be used regularly to get students writing about texts, responding to texts, and summarizing texts. RAFT is an acronym that stands for Role, Audience, Format and Topic. Role. McHenry Here's what her Comprehension Homework Sheet Pdf project looked like:. Pages 4. Contributor Sammi Rescigno. RAFT assignments are tailor-made for sharing among students in small groups or for inclusion in a collection of student writing about topics within a study unit that can be shared with the entire class. RAFT activities involve students in visualizing, determining importance of information, making inferences, and synthesizing. Dissertation Ideas For Computer Science

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Explain to students that they are going to structure their writing around these elements using the RAFT strategy. File Type PDF. writing prompts challenge students to assume a Role before writing, to write for an imaginary Audience, to write using a given Format, to write about a certain Topic. prompt (Role, Audience, Format, Topic). For example, as a samurai (Role), write a resume (Format) to send to a …. Another person may be an artist addressing peers on a bill board that will inform them of an event Students respond to a text (story, article, etc.) and write from a creative point of view in R.A.F.T. Examples might include letter, brochure, memo, speech, or …. Answer Key Rubric RAFT Physical Education: Sports ROLE (student) AUDIENCE FORMAT TOPIC Row 1 Object used in a sport (Ball, flag, stick, goal…) Readers of an online sports magazine. RAFT stands for Role Audience Format Topic, and is http://www.ekitchencompany.com/sales-resume-numbers a way of letting student show understanding of a story by putting themselves into the shoes of a character and writing from that character's point of view. 19 pins 43 followers [PDF] RAFT on the Holocaust faubionpbl.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/6/6/13663902/holocaust_raft.pdf STUDENT EXAMPLE Name: Bill Johnson My role is: Nazi soldier who works at a concentration camp My audience is: his wife My format is: letter The topic is: How did Assignment Resource Type I get involved in the genocide of the Jewish people?

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Case Study Social Work Product Type Project. RAFT EXAMPLE This RAFT is designed to be used by student in a second grade class as they are learning about endangered and extinct animals in science and natural resources in social studies. RAFT is a writing strategy that helps students understand their role as a writer and how to effectively communicate their ideas and mission clearly so that the reader can easily …. Writing. prompt (Role, Audience, Format, Topic). Mar 08, 2017 · RAFT Writing Strategy - Duration: 3:41. Assist. Product Videos. My Dearest Anna, I am writing to you from a place that I wish I was not at. Here are several examples of RAFT assignments: Anissa read the book, The Star Spangled Banner. You can assign a percentage to each. Her raft assignment looked like this: R: American Soldier in charge of flag A: his family F: a letter T: last night at Ft. One student may be a teacher writing song for a group of parents asking them to change a rule in the Leadership-management Essays school.

William Dollar. This is a simple but powerful technique that will inspire more thoughtful writing from yourself or your students. Students respond to a text (story, article, etc.) and write from a creative point of view in R.A.F.T. It teaches them the important concepts to consider when writing or reading a text. 2:59. Role. Any combination is fine as long as it addresses all 4 components. RAFT is a system for making sure students understand their role as writer, their audience, the format of their work, and the expected content of their writing. Example: You are a Sons of Liberty member living in Boston writing a speech for other patriots about the Boston Tea Party OR You are a loyalist business owner living in New York writing a letter to a citizen in Great Britain about Declaration of Independence. Informative article. You discuss how you are used in that sport and…. 4. Identify important ideas or information. Grade Level 8, 11.


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